• Cederberg Publishers

    Publishes and distributes books on the Anglo-Boer War, from Deneys Reitz's Commando (the adventure and hardship of the war) to C Louis Leipoldt's Stormwrack (the war as civil war), to The Lady Who Fought (a young woman's resistance) to The Diary of Iris Vaughan (a young girl's innocent perspective), to Songs of the Veld (protest against the war).

  • Leipoldt Boxed

    Cederberg Publishers

    Publisher of C Louis Leipodt's trilogy of historical novels, The Valley, written in English, and several other titles by this versatile medical doctor, poet and connoisseur of food and wine, all of which are a wonderful 'Leipoldt collection' expressing the soul of South Africa.

  • Edward Carson QC

    by Majoribanks

    The newest addition to our stable, Edward Carson QC, is the story of one of the greatest of all advocates. Several of his cases had links to South Africa, others involved well known names (the most famous being the tragic case of Oscar Wilde) and all present lessons in advocacy that will fascinate lawyers, inspire law students and intending lawyers, and interest all who appreciate well-written biography and Anglo-Irish history.

Cederberg Publishers

is proudly regional, publishing books embodying

the romance of the beloved country,

expressing the soul of South Africa.